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                CNBM International

                ÖĞÎÄ | English

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       Has Invited You to the 118th Canton Fair (2015)!

                /    Date: 2015-10-08

       is the global materials and equipment e-commerce platform established by CNBM International, a member of the Global Fortune 500 with over 20 years of foreign trade experience, operating in over 160 countries all over the world.

       not only provides product services for overseas clients, but also supports them with the power of a localized China office – all without having to step foot outside their own company. We are a specialist in the field of materials and equipment, including rolled steel, solar power systems, construction materials and equipment, and more than 3,000 additional product categories and hundreds of thousands of individual products.
       will be featured at the 2015 Canton Fair, exhibiting from Oct. 15–19th. All of our products and trading solutions will be onhand and making an appearance at the fair.
                We would like to welcome you to visit our booth and see what we have to offer! All of us at are looking forward to meeting you and learning more about how we can work together!
       · Your Office in China!
                Exhibition Title:  118th Canton Fair (2015)
                Exhibition Dates: Oct. 15-19th, 2015
                Exhibition Location: Exhibition Centre, Guangzhou, China.

       Booth: Hall 10.2 E30-34, F13-17